More on our district’s farms

Meet Annie Diemand of Diemand Farm. To me, Annie is a bit of a celebrity since her family’s eggs are my family’s favorites! I spent yesterday with Annie on her Wendell farm, learning [...]

Our revolution from within

Like many, I was both angry and sad when I learned that provisions of the Safe Communities Act were not included in the final budget deal. These provisions would have protected due process, [...]

Life can be tough, but so are you.

Life can be tough, but so are you. That motto is front and center at Family Empowerment, an extraordinary organization founded in 1994 and located in Hadley. Last week, Family Empowerment held an [...]

Farm tour #1

I spent the morning on four family farms in our district. It was a tremendous honor. Thank you to Barstow Family Farm, Next Barn Over, Plainville Farm, and Simple Gifts for opening your farms and [...]

On civil and human rights

My entire professional career has been centered around defending the human and economic rights of people in local communities. The clock, these days, is ticking backwards. Anyone watching what’s [...]

Caring for our elders

A society should be judged by how we treat our people at the “bookends” of life, as children and as elders. I had the pleasure of meeting with Al Norman this morning. Al has been an [...]

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