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Part of what happens in a campaign is that people in local communities lend their endorsement if they believe that you are the candidate who shares their values and who will best serve our district. I’ve been extremely fortunate to receive the endorsement of many elected officials and leaders in our district, among them Sarah Etelman who serves on the South Hadley Select Board, Connie Kruger who serves on the Amherst Select Board, and Ruth Potee a local physician and recipient of the Franklin District Medical Society’s Community Clinician of the Year.

Here is some of what Sarah, Connie, and Ruth have to say. I am grateful for their faith in my candidacy and hope I have the chance to join them in serving our district.

“For me, it is Jo Comerford who stands out among all the candidates. Jo has spent the past 20+ years working for change at all levels of government. She knows how to work with all kinds of people — those whose voices need to be heard, and the lawmakers who need to hear the voices. Jo has impressed me with her proven track record of effecting change. Her values are our values, and she has spent her career working for the issues that matter to all of us, such as the environment, accessible and affordable health care, and our public schools.” ~ Sarah Etelman, South Hadley Selectboard

“Each candidate running for Stan Rosenberg’s former Seat brings their own great gifts and experiences. After meeting all the candidates, I’ve decided to support Jo Comerford because her values and political positions most closely match my own. I think Jo will do a wonderful job representing our District.” ~ Connie Kruger, Amherst Select Board

“As a local physician, committed to protecting reproductive freedoms for women, I am proud to endorse Jo Comerford. She has led the most forward thinking organizations in the Valley in the last 25 years. Her commitment to public education, single payer healthcare, local farmers, and fighting environmental deregulation at a federal level has the vote of everyone in my family. I have no doubt that she will represent the concerns of Western Massachusetts at the State House with single-mindedness and strength.” ~ Ruth A. Potee, MD

You can read more endorsements here and stay tuned for other announcements in the days ahead.

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