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Life can be tough, but so are you.

That motto is front and center at Family Empowerment, an extraordinary organization founded in 1994 and located in Hadley. Last week, Family Empowerment held an ice cream social for candidates running for state office.

The place was packed with families, all of whom are fierce advocates for themselves and for all people living with disabilities. What an honor to be able to attend and listen to their ideas, concerns, and hopes.

Family Empowerment is funded by the Department of Developmental Services, Pathlight, and various grants.

In 2018, Family Empowerment supported 243 families in navigating what can be a complex maze of options and information. It’s team runs workshops on:

  • Individualized Education Programs within schools
  • Understanding Social Security
  • Adult living options
  • Guardianship and employment
  • Legislative changes that affect those with special needs, and much more.

The state legislature has a critical role to play regarding sustaining funding for disability services, as well as passion protections that ensure folks living with disabilities and their families are offered maximum support.

Kudos to Family Empowerment for holding lawmakers accountable. Now and always.

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