In Campaign

There are numerous metaphors for political campaigns.

The comparison that works for our campaign is that of a machine. A well-oiled, humming, powerful machine.

Now that would be necessary with any campaign (of any kind), but for a write-in campaign, it’s even more necessary because from now until September 4, we to make sure our campaign’s message breaks through in 24 communities in our district.

We’ve been fortunate to hire two campaign staff, thanks folks who are financially supporting the campaign. But you should know that the vast majority of this campaign’s work is being done by volunteers.

Passionate, dedicated, skilled volunteers. Old and new friends. Living throughout our district.

Check out just some of the areas where they’re working:

  • All things admin
  • Blog
  • Budget
  • Campaign chair
  • Campaign management
  • Data management
  • Direct mail
  • Door knocking
  • Email to supporters
  • Facebook
  • Field
  • Fundraising
  • House party wrangling + house parties
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Phone banking
  • Thank yous
  • Town captains
  • Turf cutting
  • Twitter
  • Volunteer wrangling
  • Web maintenance

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