In Campaign

May 28; Day 99
(Counting down to Primary Day, September 4)

My wife Ann has been a public school teacher for about 20 years. She believes teaching in and/or supporting public schools is the most positively political act imaginable.

To Ann, our public schools are the great equalizer. A place where everyone is welcome. Everyone has opportunity.

Ann and I are parents to two incredible children, Chloe and Isaiah, pictured below with us in a school photo from last year.

Chloe is the hardest working kid we’ve ever met. She loves music and swimming. She’s way more hip that I am in terms of fashion and pop culture. And she’s enthralled currently in the “slime” making craze that’s sweeping pre-teeners locally. (Here, I’d just say to parents or guardians of kids who haven’t discovered “slime’: RESIST it for as long as you can!:)

Isaiah is always on the move—He plays soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and a mean cello. He said recently that his favorite time of the day is bedtime, which is when we snuggle in for reading and drawing. (Ann or I usually read and he takes out his pens and draws.) We’re currently deep into the Percy Jackson series, which I think I may love even more than Isaiah does.

Ann and I are tremendously grateful to the teachers, coaches, family, and friends who are helping us raise these exquisite forces of nature.


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