In Campaign

May 27; Day 100
(Counting down to Primary Day, September 4)

Dear community members from the Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester District,

This blog is for you—all 160,000 of you living in the 24 communities in our beautiful district.

There are 100 days until Primary Day, September 4. That’s 2,400 hours; 144,000 minutes. And my campaign and I are going to make every single one of them count.

I’ve always dreamed of serving in elected office.

Growing up, my dad Bob (pictured here with me and Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan at today’s Memorial Day commemoration in Hadley, MA), inspired a deep, early love of representative government—of democracy.

Screenshot 2018-05-27 15.31.00My dad spent 35 years teaching social studies in neighboring public high schools. During the weekends, he’d “hit the doors” for Democrats running for national and state offices, returning home at night bone tired but nonetheless inspired by the dozens of conversations he had with constituents.

During the summers, our family traveled to places like Gettysburg, VA. We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston—all so my sister and I could visit the “places where history was made.”

My dad wanted us to be participants in our democracy.

And that’s how I’ve come to think about my campaign as a write-in candidate for State Senate.

I have two decades of experience working deeply on issues that matter most to the people of our district. I’ve held numbers of leadership positions through which I’ve rolled up my sleeves, sharpened my skills and strategies, and moved game-changing initiatives forward—in the service of legislative priorities which increase the well-being of people in local communities.

I know how government works. And I want to take my experience, expertise, leadership abilities, and vision for the kind of change that’s possible—and I want to work in government.

But not just anywhere in government. I want to work in the State House as a senator for the Hampshire, Franklin, and Worcester district.

As a senator for all of us.




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