Three easy steps to vote for Jo:

  1. On September 4, go to your polling location and ask for a Democratic primary ballot.
  2. Under ‘Senator in General Court’ write in: Joanne Comerford, 186 Federal Street, Northampton
    • It’s also OK to write in “Jo” instead of “Joanne.”
    • You can also simply write “Northampton” if you forget the street address.
  3. In towns that hand count the ballots you can apply one of the stickers the campaign has provided, or you can write in “Jo Comerford-Northampton. ” Just be sure you place your vote under “Senator for General Court.” The space is tight but it will be counted.
  4. In towns with electronic scanners, do not use the stickers. They can come off in the scanners. Instead, write in “Jo Comerford-Northampton” and fill in the oval next to the line that is marked “write-in.”